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ADM Policy

Air Dolomiti Booking Policy, effective as of 1st September 2018 ​                                                                          

1. General Scope of EN Policy     
According to IATA RESOLUTION 850M Air Dolomiti (EN) would like to make Its Agent Debit Memo (ADM) Policy transparent to all Travel Agents.
The purpose of this document is to provide clarity regarding the procedure of issuing ADMs by Air Dolomiti.                                 

Air Dolomiti will issue ADMs to collect amounts or make adjustments to Agent transactions related to the issuance of EN traffic documents, issued by, or at the request of the Agent, regardless of which Airlines are included in the itinerary of the EN traffic document. 

Air Dolomiti also reserves the right to impose ADM administration/penalty charges to cover the cost of ADM issuance and manual processing of incorrectly issued traffic documents.                      

2. General Rules

Air Dolomiti will raise ADMs only when the total value exceeds 5.00 EUR.
However, exceptions to this may apply, for example (not limited to) for correction of Taxes or unauthorized deduction of Commission.

Moreover, Air Dolomiti will apply an additional fee of EUR 10.00 for each ADM issued.    

In general, ADMs are issued for ticket related transactions, including reservations transactions prior to ticket issuance as well as ticket usage.
Air Dolomiti’s plate should only be used for issuing itineraries with Air Dolomiti operated or marketed flights. The incorrect use of Air Dolomiti Carrier Identification Plate (CIP) can be subject to ADM.
ADMs are legitimate accounting tool for use all BSP Airlines and are used to collect amounts or make adjustments to agent transactions in respect of the issuance and use of Traffic Documents issued by or at the request of the Agent, such as fares, taxes, commission, refund re-issue or similar.

ADMs for Reservation Manipulations are created in accordance to IATA Resolution 830a.

Air Dolomiti may issue ADMs also beyond the 9 month after last travel date stated in Reso 850m, provided the claim has not statute-barred, as this represents the most efficient procedure for both, Travel Agent and Air Dolomiti.
In case of disagreement, disputes are expected within 15 days after receiving of the ADMs (IATA RESO 850m). 
All disputes are to be settled by the Airline within 60 days of receipt.

Please, make sure that all Agents involved with reservations read this Policy.
What is not specified in the following policy will be treated accordingly to IATA and Fare Rules.

3. Booking Procedures

Ticketing / Exchange / Reissue (*also applicable to the Airport Offices and Group Reservations)
If in case of ticketing/exchange/reissue/involuntary reissue fare/taxes/fees have been under-collected and/or a traffic document has not been issued in accordance with IATA Ticketing Handbook and/or Fare Rules, an ADM will be issued to cover the difference plus a penalty of EUR 5.00 per segment/passenger will apply.             

If time limits (where applicable) for date/time/flight change have not been observed, a penalty fee of EUR 10.00 will be applied for each ticket.

If fare basis doesn’t match with the booking class and/or Fare Calculation is incomplete or wrong issued/shown, an ADM will be issued for EUR 10.00 per transaction

If in case of exchange/reissue passenger/fare is downgraded, an ADM will be issued for the fare difference between classes plus EUR 5.00 per Passenger and Segment.

In case of wrongly issued FIM (Flight Interruption Manifest) for wrong/missing: passenger name, fare basis and discount code, cabin class, original ticket number, exchanged paper ticket coupon(s) not collected, exchanged e-ticket coupon(s) not closed, violation of interline rules, FIM issued for id passengers, FIM issued in case of OAL irregularities, non-numbered FIM issued, an ADM will be issued for EUR 10.00 (only for Airport Offices).

Fake / Test booking
Do not create a booking to obtain a price, to print an itinerary or for testing. Do not create a booking without real demand. Do not try to block a class or compartment. Double or multiple bookings for one and the same passenger are not allowed. Always insert the full name and surname. Bookings for testing, agency training, printing itineraries or invoices are only to be made in the training mode of the CRS, except when authorized in advance and in writing by EN. In case of violation of one of these points, an ADM will be issued for EUR 5.00 per Passenger and Segment.

“Hidden” Groups
Booking 10 or more passengers on at least one common flight segment within their itinerary to a common destination shall be requested as a group booking. Booking them in two or more PNRs is considered as “hidden” group, which is not allowed. Group bookings offer advantages to the agent and its customer. For questions about group bookings, please contact our Group Department. For “hidden” group, an ADM will be issued for EUR 5.00 per Passenger and Segment.

In case of over-claimed refunds; double or wrong refunds in BSP Link/GDS; refund on expired ticket; erroneous reporting of refunds (for example, total for the refund is correct, but fare/taxes/fees are wrong shown/reported) an ADM will be issued to cover the difference plus a penalty EUR 10.00 per refund transaction.  

EMD and Penalty Fee are not refundable.

Segment Removal 
Whenever EN changes the advice code of EN segments to HX/NO/UN/UC/UU/HL no later than 48h before departure and these Segments are not removed before departure, Air Dolomiti will charge The amount of eur 15.00 per segment for all non-removed segments. 

Any action aimed to bypass ticket time limit, for example, booking several times the same segment for the same passenger will result in ADM with eur10.00 per segment per PNR for each passenger, multiplied with times booked.

No show situations  
Fictitious bookings (HK status) leading to No-show will be penalized as these distort EN’s inventory and lead to non-saleable seats and avoidable CRS and operating costs for EN.
For no-shows with HK status without ticket; with ticket refunded or voided an ADM will be issued for EUR 10.00 per Passenger and Segment.

4. Contact Details         

Air Dolomiti will always provide on an ADM the name of a contact person (usually originator of the ADM) and/or department with E-mail address and/or phone number on any ADM.